Uniformers in Dubai offers premium custom promotional apparel services, including T-Shirts, jackets, and more. Our experienced team of designers and tailors work closely with you to bring your brand vision to life. With fast turnaround times, competitive pricing, and a focus on quality, we help you make a statement with your brand. We provide the following services:


Decoration of product using colored stitches to form
an image or logo.

• Suitable for apparel, bags, towels
• Wide range of colors delivering sharp results
• Professional and sophisticated finished product
• Durable with a long life


 Screen Printing

Image printed directly to product through woven mesh screen one color at a time.

• Ideal for clothing
• Great for large format printing
• Cost effective for large quantities
• Excellent for Pantone color matching capabilities

 Dye Sublimation

Image is transferred or dyed into fabric using heat.

• Produces photographic images and continuos tones
• Full coverage print (including seams) on garments
• Great for sports and club attire


 Heat Transfer

Image digitally printed to transfer vinyl pu and applied to product via heat and pressure.

• Suitable for promotions or short term use
• Durable for up to 40 washes or so
• Digital heat transfer is great for full color small quantities or   one of items

 Contour Cutting

Vinyl stickers can be cut to any shape required.

• Custom shape stickers and transfers
• Quick and simple setup with no costly die forms
• Minimal size or shape restrictions


 Pad Printing

Image is directly printed onto product via silicone pad.

• Great for transferring 2D graphics onto 3D items
• Able to produce images onto curved or cylindrical items

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